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Chiropractor in Harrisburg : Dr. Edward Schappell

Harrisburg Chiropractor, Dr. Edward Schappell

Dr. Edward Schappell

30 was a little young for a mid-life crisis, but…

I am a late bloomer by nature, so it was not a surprise that I made the decision to become a chiropractor at 30. I played competitive tennis and was a courier for Federal Express, and between hopping in and out of a van, and intensity on the court I looked for a way to undo the wear and tear on my body. My search led me to chiropractic. Not only did I find that my body felt better, but I began to win more matches. SERIOUSLY, I found that regular chiropractic care elevated my game, creating greater coordination, more stamina, overall, I realized that I just felt better!

I knew I was onto something, so I began my quest, quit my job and went to College to become a chiropractor. The philosophy of chiropractic rang true with me. Energy and innate intelligence are key components to good health, and chiropractic helps to optimize these components.

I attended Pennsylvania Chiropractic College in Horsham, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. My course studies included, anatomy, physiology, X-ray diagnosis, and Chiropractic adjusting techniques and patient care. After graduating in 1995, I returned to Harrisburg to establish my practice.

Chiropractor in Harrisburg Shares His Philosophy

I believe chiropractic care should be part of everyone’s personal healthcare routine. My objective is to provide the highest quality personal care and educate my practice members so that they understand the value of wellness care and how good health impacts their everyday life. Wellness is more that just a word, it is a dynamic which requires action. Therefore, wellness is a way of life, from the food we eat, to the fitness levels we achieve to how we maintain our bodies translates into quality of life.

We Are a Chiropractic Family

My wife Nancy and I met while I was in chiropractic college. She is currently a realtor for Coldwell Banker. If you are looking for a home, she is your girl. Take a look at her website to learn more. When we are not working, Nancy and I are avid hikers, cyclists and golfers. Getting lost on a back country road happens a lot, and sometimes turns a two hour ride into an all day event, thank God for GPS!!!

Our day starts early each morning with an hour walk with our girls, Ellie Mae and Sienna both energetic English setters we adopted from a rescue organization. We enjoy this daily walk for the exercise it provides and balance it brings to our lives, this makes for a great start to every day. At least 3 days a week we workout at our local gym, both with weights and cardio, I love a good spin class! My wife and I love to cook and try to incorporate as much organic and whole foods into our diets as possible, we are dedicated to buying as much locally grown produce as possible.

The Cornerstones to Good Health

I’m a big believer in the Castor Oil pack! (email me or ask me and I’ll give you the details) I find that when the body is “firing on all cylinders” it decreases the need to turn to over-the-counter medications and antibiotics as a first line of defense. Regular chiropractic care, proper nutrition and a good night’s sleep are the cornerstones to good health.

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Enough about me! How can I be of service to you or someone you care about with natural and safe chiropractic care? Thanks for visiting our site, I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service. Give my Harrisburg Chiropractic Office so we can help you take your first step towards better health.

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